The Savior – yes, the Messiah, the Lord – has been born today!

Luke 2:11

I light the final Advent candle


ADVENT – The Child has COME

Born in a manger

wrapped in swaddling clothes


our Immanuel


the LIGHT of the world

This day, this night, the Light comes, and whose heart isn’t kindled by this Love that’s a wildfire? The shepherds got angels, were lit by the angels. Everyone else that night got shepherds who went and told everyone. When your heart burns, you’re a flaming match for other hearts. When you’re a manger tramp who came with nothing but your ragged heart and leaned in close over that creche, when you’ve beheld His glory, the while hear of a Love like this- who doesn’t tramp out of the manger and into the world with a heart glowing like hot embers in your chest? …A heart like this could catch the world on fire. Christ came into the world for you – and you came into the world for Him.

Ann Voskamp

Take a moment and thank Him for his coming…His love….

Praise Him for His goodness

for His silent night arrival





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