For the love of strawberries…


He was so excited!! This year he gets to tend and care for his own plant.

He picked a strawberry plant!

He planted his plant in a big pot.

His dad gave him a little shovel and he filled it himself.

Everyday he went out to check on it to see how it was doing.

A couple times he got himself in trouble because he was sneaking out of the house

and not telling Mom where he was off too – to check on the progress.


He would talk sweetly to his plant

Hey little strawberry plant how you doing today?

He told people he got a strawberry plant so that he could share with his family (so sweet!)

Then he got his first fully ripe strawberry and boy was that an exciting moment


After his picked is and we where heading into the house to wash it

He exclaimed

THANK YOU JESUS,  for my little strawberry!!



He washed it


He admired it’s wonderfulness


Then he bit it!

and gave each of us a little nibble too

It was a good strawberry ripped day.




A summer beginning


It’s the first day of summer for David and I am determined to help him keep his preschool skills and to grow in his reading and math skills.

So what better way than to reward sounding out and spelling with doing what you spell!!!

Chocolate Banana Pancakes



They were good and when I poured the syrup on the first batch to eat

He exclaimed




Oh PS …we also made these little books – I wanted the kids to think of things they wanted to do this summer so that I’m not entertaining blind – you know I’m pretty smart like that! lol


Here are some of the little man’s ideas for the summer


And sooooo DAY ONE was a success!!!

The joy comes…..


Its morning the last week of school

we enter our great outdoors in the front yard

I retreat away on the porch with bible in hand

the morning sunrays bathing us in warmth

This little man just got this new bike

I told him that He was getting too big for his tricycle

and that we would be getting him a new bike soon

His answer was always…..WHEN?

For two weeks he asked when …. busy days

school, church, dad working long hours…

and he waited THEN ONE DAY I spotted this red bike at a garage sale

and it fit well, I called his dad and he said go for it

This little man was so happy smiling from ear to ear

clapping his hands saying

“ See Mom! See! When you wait patiently and with a good attitude you get excitement…”

The joy comes….in the morning

As soon as we got that bike home, he took his tricycle next door to the

little girl that lives there and gave that tricycle away!

God gave and he this little man naturally let go of the old and embraced the new

This morning he sang in the sunshine with arms wide open over and over




This little man


He is a busy man

The most verbal in our home of quiet

a blessing of energy

a whirl wind of curiosity

up first thing with the switch on GO

with the same words every morning

“What can I do?”

reminding me that I have just enough power for each day

and a necessity to call for the provision of manna

I don’t run at this level of octane

but I make the race each day

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