building fences and dividing lines

There’s a reason He called us His Body and not His Estate.”

That’s what Tib Pearson told me.

Tib with his Red Wing work boots and worn John Deere hat and hands weathered and etched like a greying cedar rail.

“A Body is connected with sinew and vein —  and an estate is divided with fences and line.”

He said it with his hands, the way a man of the land does, and you could see how his hands knew rusted wire and gnarled barbs and how to free things caught in fences.

~Ann Voskamp

Lord, I want to be a free thing…

Jesus came to set me free

on some days I just feel like rusty wire is jabbing my skin

and gnarled barbs are pinning me down so I cant move

You made us your body -The body of Christ

and at times we act like we are not connected

to anyone or any thing

isolated mini rulers of our own lives

dis-unified and stagnant

stuck in our dis-function and defensiveness

But when set right, like an arm in a cast after a breaking

when connected by sinew and vein

the blood of Christ flowing freely between

is this not the Grace that we search for

People say Grace – it is unmerited favor!

what does that even mean to a generation

who feel as if they are entitled to everything?

They walk with the stench that it is the duty of the world

to favor them unceasingly. I wear this stench too.

like rotten pockets in my soul

But this is not grace … it is a spoiled view

true full out Jesus grace

connects us to other people

their lives the fertilizer of our souls

our weaknesses to bear with

their strengths for us to learn from

creating a garden of growth and togetherness

We become family and families take care of one another

share meals, love even through the tough stuff

We are connected by sinew and vein

with Life Blood flowing between us

We are not the Estate of Christ

we do not divide His inheritance

building fences and dividing lines

of what’s yours and what’s mine

But is that not how we live at times…..




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(A Little Bit Different) Friday Facts

Copy of NEWPICS 362-5


1. Where I went :

Last Friday I went to my Sister’s house to visit. My Mom lives there also. We took a overnight trip with the kids to St. Louis, Mo.

2. Something interesting:


One of the first things we saw was this reflective giant cube!

3.  Things that caught my eye walking in the city:


4.  Where we went the first day:

The City Museum was way cool – it was like KID CLIMBING HEAVEN!


This is the first thing we saw….a dragon coming out of the side of the building .

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5. What was inside:


It was very fantastical inside —

The floor was mosaicked, as where most pillars and surfaces.

There were interesting tree forts


6. How a little man felt:

At first he was terrified…there are a lot of shadowy areas but after I climbed all over the place and got into the scary places… HE AND PUPPY HAD A GREAT TIME!!


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7.  A  good kid photo with Pinocchio :


8. My Kid’s  –  My Favorite Shot:


9. The next day we went to the St. Louis Zoo…it was FREE and PACKED:

I took all of  2 photo’s at the Zoo ….lol


This Jaguar sleeping comfy on his hay in the sun…


And this wall mosaic by the bird sanctuary.


Well as you can imagine it was FREE and PACKED and my son is the busiest little man ever…so I was watching him instead of taking pictures of all the amazing animals we saw.

and….my shoes were rubbing my ankle to a blister…so I was walking very carefully. Sad smile



A Boy and His Grandpa (part 8)

It’s Veterans Day and Grandpa came to see David.

He brought another Airplane.

This time it was a rubber band launcher airplane.


Grandpa is a Vet. So he wore his hat.  We are so proud of him.


David was so excited about this new airplane !!

daddavid3 (2)

They always enjoy their time together.

daddavid4 (2)


Here you go ! (David was the fetcher :0)


Here now you try!

daddavud (2)

No…you do it Grandpa…..there it goes!

After they broke both rubber bands …

they made ice cream and coffee on the upside down tricycle.

David got cold and put on a heavier blue jacket…

then they went for a walk.



I like to walk with Grandpa…

His steps are short like mine.

He doesn’t say…

“Now, Hurry Up!”

He always takes his time

Most people have to hurry…

they do not stop and see.

I am glad that God made Grandpa…

‘Unrushed’ and young like me.