Friday Facts

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Don’t Forget Friday Facts are over here now :0)

Pictures I like-002



JoyFull Blessings


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161: I am making a move…

I would love for you to join me. If you have enjoyed this blog, I promise you will love where I am going.

Friendships of Love


I will still be posting here but I will be linking portions to F Of L a lot…. So you can keep ( is that annoying?) I hope not

I just really want to be over there. Nyah-Nyah

162. This particular post will be staying ..JOYFUL BLESSINGS

163. Helping a friend set up computer stuff

164. Making pizza boats

(AGAIN – they were so good last time)

165. Having another little boy over to play with david…they had so much fun!

166. The fun of a little boy:


He was feeling so cool!

167. I love this photo she loves animal and is always taking pics of herself with them cute:

photo (2)

168. Hot coffee in the morning <—isnt that just a constant blessing!

169. Chats with sister and mom on Gmail talk!

170. Fresh cut lawn ..looks so good!