A view of conscience

If you haven’t figured it out yet…I am a QUOTE lover!!

A lot of my blogs come to me out of quotes or something I read that sparks off a train of thought that I want to follow, investigate, look deeper into, and explore what comes up out of my spirit, soul and mind about the reading I am observing.

Who knows if I am right or wrong about what appears to me…..

But I do know that it has to at least make sense ….the line of thinking that occurs after I come upon some wonderful tidbit of literature – that is…

I dont really worry about what the author of the quote was intending to say. What he or she may be implying….It is for me more about the discovery of imagination, intuition, and the spark of creative thinking it brings to my mind.

So with that here is my next quote:

Your conscience is the honesty of your selfishness. -unknown author

My conscience is there to nudge me, prod me, push me when I have done wrong. It is there to be a red flag when I have gone off course. It is a helpful tool within to help guide me….but this is quite the different view of my conscience.

I had to sit with this quote for a bit…

This conscience is the honest voice within me that reveals my selfishness…

The fact that this conscience is engaged, according to this quote, conveys the selfishness of whatever is being considered.

Conscience says- Oh, now you should not say that! is this to be an indication that I want to speak my mind in a selfish and possible unkind way. It is that I just want to speak my piece. say my two cents. ” LET THEM HAVE IT!!?”

Hmmmmm…what a view of conscience. Not a way I had seen before.

Definitely something to consider and think on.

Thanks for Listening



I am taking a break from the normal posting routine … Labor day I took off so I get I am having a blog-cation for the week. LOL!!

Yes that means No Thursday thougths book Im reading….have you read the others..check them out:0) — Thursday Thoughts: Days of Deepening Friendship

Seems like when you take a break from a routine you start another in other places..ever notice that???

Maybe that is the concentration center of the brain only able to change one thing at a time…

MULTI-TASKING!!!  is it even really possible or are we just spreading ourselves thin and not being fully in the MOMENT!! –good question??!!

Ok so since I had that spark of thought here are some quotes for todays thinking …routines, living in the moment, multitasking…

The past is a guidepost, not a hitching post.  ~L. Thomas Holdcroft

“Multi-tasking – Screwing everything up simultaneously.” ~unknown

 “A man practices the art of adventure when he breaks the chain of routine and renews his life through reading new books, traveling to new places, making new friends, taking up new hobbies and adopting new viewpoints”
~ Wilfred Peterson
  “Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going”
 Tennessee Williams
 “We decide to multitask instead of experience.”
 Michael Rosen

Any thoughts ??!! :0)

Have a blessed day and dont forget to rest once in a while..take a break…even if for 10 mins. Take a half hour nap or just close your eyes.

Do one thing at a time and live in the moment even if for an hour!! Its good for ya!

Be nice to yourself :0)