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Today over at Friendships of Love  we are talking about ” when we hide who we are and our feelings” 

I wrote a post called STUFF AND SMILE

Proverbs 27:7 When you’ve stuffed yourself, you refuse dessert; when you’re starved, you could eat a horse.

 The word STUFF means to stop or cram, choke back. In an emotional sense this is when we don’t tell how we feel. We don’t rebuke when we should. We don’t communicate our hearts and minds. We are STUFFED. It says here when you stuff yourself you also refuse dessert. We often think of dessert as a sweet at the end of our meal but the original meaning comes from the root words Dis-serve and means TO CLEAR THE TABLE.  If you are STUFFING your emotions then you also are refusing dessert (clearing the table) you are not allowing……To continue reading click here:

Tina wrote a poem concerning the same issues, a telling and revealing poem of a heart hidden.

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Intimacy revisited


 “My friends tell me I have an intimacy problem. But they don’t really know me.”

        Garry Shandling

Intimacy – a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship in which another person knows detailed knowledge about you and has a deep understanding of your ways and emotions.

What is Intimacy…

We ebb and flow in wanting to be known

We fear that to be exposed

creates a space for our destruction.

Yet we yearn to share who we are with all the world

but we end in holding them at bay.

Few have found this haunted heart

and seen the ways and rounds

To those I open up all the more

even if I want to run and pound

slamming that door seems like it would be

the thing to keep those closest away

but I have found those special few

dont want to stay that way

When hearts are knit together

to untie them cuts the heart

and so to find the intimacy we seek

we must be will to be cut

every peice of us gets cut and tied knitting us unto another

Its the selfishness of ME ME ME

that says I wont be linking up

but love you see is built within

when hearts are tied together

you find that ME becomes an US

and life is so much sweeter.

By: Starla Smith

Ecc 4:9   Two [are] better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.


PS….Its seems so hard at times to be open with eachother…but all that changes when you are open with yourself!!


Thought I would continue on the theme from yesterday….INTIMACY

The ability to connect deeply with someone…

Intimacy grows the more you spend time with another…

It’s all the shared memory’s combined with a feeling of affection toward another. It is through all those memories and moments that you come to trust someone with your heart. You allow them to see it, then touch it. Then intimacy –you open your hearts door and let them see inside.

Then intimacy is literally ( In – to – me- see)

Some may fear intimacy whether with God or others. For me it is the others. I do not fear that God will hurt me if I speak my truth to Him. I do not fear the He will leave me because I don’t think like Him. I know that God goes about to teach me lovingly and kindly His ways. He slowly shows me by examples (bringing me books to read, blogs to read, people to watch, circumstances to go through) that His way is the best way. All the while He walks with me and talks with me and shows me that I am His own (love that song:0)

It is others that I fear in intimacy. We have all been rejected in one way or another. Hurt and disregarded –put aside and left to be forgotten. God has something wonderful for me through relationships with people. He wants to use them to teach me and touch me. He doesn’t want me only seeing Him through books and blogs and watching…..He wants me interacting.

He wants to use people to do ACTS of Love to and for other people.  He wants to make a Network of Solidarity between people . He wants UNITY. When you unite with another you have Intimacy. He has shown me that this UNITY is possible. 

 Most people go through their entire life never speaking words to another human being that come out of what is deepest within them, and most people never hear words that reach all the way into the deep place we call the soul. But we all have the power to relate to people in such a way that we can say, “There’s something within me-and something within you-that, if known, explored, discovered, touched, released, could move you toward the vision and maturity God has for you, whether anything in your circumstances changes or not.” – Larry Crabb

Another space of intimacy is with YOURSELF. Do you know you?? Do you spend time exploring why you do what you do? Do you know what you like? what you need? what you don’t like? Do you know how your mind works? Do you listen to your body? Do you pay attention to what all those emotions are trying to tell you? Do you enjoy alone time?

Intimacy with God

Intimacy with Yourself

Intimacy with Others

“Games are a compromise between intimacy and keeping intimacy away.”

 Eric Berne

Games….are we playing games with God, ourselves, and others…???? Ouch! :0/