Friday’s Facts


Hello Friday Facts is Back!! :0)

1. Shelly over @ Is that you, Lord ? posted a long missed —Lets Talk Tuesday!!

Shelly is the one who started me on this RANDOMNESS so go thank her by visiting her site. She will surprise you with her wisdom and insights. Check her out!!

2. I got my little man ( he is almost 3)  in underwear for over 16 hours with no accidents….1 dry night and a so far most the day….I will let ya know how the rest of the day goes. :0)

3.  Song that is one my * like* list this week


4. Perkins Muffins…… Carmel cappuccino macadamia nut muffin!!! YUMMY!!!!

5. A poem I wrote posted on my poetry blog on Jan 2, 2011


Inflated mind
dives as deep as it can
but never reaches the shores of the divine
reaching stretching to view a taste of light
to many blind spots
to many corners of darkness

Haughty heart
your just the same
raising to emotional heights
seeking and grasping the truths that be
to high a crest
to high that mantle of greatness

but for you spirit enlightened by Christ

6. This week I was invited by a friend of mine to join her for brunch at a Women’s Connection Meeting. These ladies are based in STONECROFT ministries. I had a great time.

Stonecroft offers a variety of brunch, luncheon, and dinner events for women and couples. These groups range from our Women’s Connections and Christian Women’s Clubs to the relaxed After 5 events when the workday is done. Each event includes an entertaining feature and an inspirational speaker who gives personal insight on coming to know God. Busy mothers get a welcome break with our Moms on the Run groups. Kids play under supervision nearby as these get-togethers work as much to stabilize mom’s sanity as they do to provide a Christian message. Thankfully, the two go hand-in-hand! 

Here is a link to find a meeting in your area:

7. If you like personality tests…try this one out. It is called a VISUAL DNA test —

8. A great quote found by my BFF :

It’s amazing what you can do when you don’t seek all the credit. I find nothing is really one person’s idea. –Dan Tully

9. Want to see what my desk normally looks like :0) don’t judge me….my mind knows where it all is…..

( I know ..terrible focus on the picture..but if it was more detailed it would just “look” worse. :0)

10. oh and the final one….I LOVE RANDOM BLOGGING!!!

Have a good one!



Lets Talk! Tuesday

1. Being blind to your own Road Rage is not good…even if your road rage only disrupts kindness on your lips in your own car. 

2.  We had a church picnic this past weekend. That was a great time!!! :0) 

3.  Thought: Until we are individually serious about GOD …we will only go through the motions on top of the water of Life. Im pretty sure God wants to Immerse us… 

4. I love my Husband! 


6. If you didnt click that vid above do it!!! and PRAISE!! Take the time…  


Art from Michele Maring Miller's Daughter in West Amana

8. A quote:  

The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right place but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.  
Dorothy Nevill


9.  I am writing this #9 on Tuesday morning….I have had NO internet or phone service for almost 24 hours. I DIDNT FREAK OUT!!! :0)

10. I love Tuesday’s. I hope you have a GREAT ONE!!


Like This!

Let’s Talk! Tuesday


1. My mom came to visit, I love when she comes. Nothing like having your mommy around.

2. We went to Amana Colonies for my daughter’s Birthday Fun Day….Here she is with her Grandma Wendy.

Grandma Wendy and Her Sarah Girlie

 3. Then after the trip to Amana we had the Party and my mom made Sarah a GARDEN CAKE!

Sarah's Garden Cake

4.  Oh and while at the Amana’s we stopped at the GIANT CHAIR!!! My mom is 5″6″  if that will give you perspective. WOW!!

World's Largest Rocking Chair

 5.  My mom makes the best Lasagna EVER!!! It is my favoritest thing since I was a little little girl.


6. My husband is making apple sauce!!! YUMMY!!!


7. If you havent seen my poetry blog check it out:


Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow.
Norman Vincent Peale (1898 – 1993)


10.  I am excited for work to start on my house we shall see how I feel when I am trying to work around it… LOL.

Happy Tuesday everyone

and remember SMILE!!!


Let’s Talk! Tuesday


HELLO…………. R – a – n – d – o – m  ……………ReAdErS !!!

1. We finally took our daughter to the ZOO. After two years of promising…WE FINALLY DID IT!! Her birthday is Aug 24 so we figured what better than to have an early birthday/last weekend before school ZOO VISIT!!



2. This past week my sister was visiting. It was so nice to hang out with her. I swear when we get together it like we are 6 and 7 again. SUPER GOOFY!! LOL

3. Took some good pics of my little mister this past week too…Here is one of my fav’s (and if you didn’t see  click here — Snapshot  Saturday for mine and click the link at the top for Vicki’s trust me YOU WILL want to see hers!!) I did do a part two of Saturday Snapshot.

My little Mister

4. Did you know that Envy is a BAD four letter word!!

5. If you didn’t know already my daughter started her own blog :  THE SONNY DAY


6.  My husband makes the best manwich….he puts steak and puts it in the meat grinder after he has smoked it on the grill!!!!!! YUMMO!!!

7. My mom is coming to town on Thurs. I am very excited …she makes the best food ever!!! AND she will be here for Sarah’s birthday!!

8. School is here again … ( I was up awake in bed last night thinking of changing everything from here down…I decided not too!!! It is what It is!!! )

9. A Quote:

When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.

Mark Twain

~ lol..I think that quote is funny!!!

10.  A poem : Shames Evil Veil

The shame is based in Envy

for what another has done

when they fly like eagles

the heart sinks like the sun

It’s setting in the west

going down the wrong path

is it recognize it

or will you let it pass?

this time, this time

 see it exactly for what it is

when before shame was always

cloaking this envy’s ugly head

Love does not envy

 strive to be the one who LOVES TRUE-LY

like the Lord Jesus, the one who gave His life

so that you could.


That’s it for this week…Have a great Tuesday!!