Planting Life Lessons…

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My husband loves working in the garden.

For years he has pushed, begged, asked, implored, guilt-ed and nagged us girls to be BIG HELPERS in the garden. … yeah…it’s not our thing..but I must say we have gotten better at helping. We just don’t have the need to WORK in the SUN while BENT over PULLING WEEDS …like he does. It is relaxation to him…it is WORK!!! to us. Smile with tongue out

So husband is in the garden getting ready to plant beans and a little man says “ Dad, can I help you plant beans?” Husband looks at me like “ ohhhh man now this is going to take forever!”  So what do I do ???… I spell it out for him. LOL

“ For years dear husband you have wanted someone who would be in the garden, helping you do all the work. When daughter was little she never asked to help, but now you have a son, whom if you would like him to love to garden and grow up to be a big help to you, I would suggest you take the time to let him plant beans!”


…and he says “you are really trying to convince me, aren’t you ?” I said “ is it working?” lol …

He looks at the boy and says ..”COME ON!”  Thumbs up

SCORE for the Momma!! Boy is busy… and husband has a helper! and Momma has free time! HAHA!

Oh so stealthy!! …but hey every one came out happy! Open-mouthed smile


A little more Nitty Gritty.

Ok so I am at it again…

some more NITTY GRITTY!!

This whole post is making me uneasy. I wrote it and now I am adding this….

Learning to share my own lessons and struggles, hurts, and anger ….my humanness …my vulnerability.

Opening up my thinking and feeling and heart here.

So with that said : don’t judge me, just hear me…pray for me. I will do the same for you!

Finding out that some one gave you a dirty look when they thought they were scot-free to do so,  is no fun.

I have no ill will toward this person and why would they scowl at me??

I have always been kind, smiled, waved. No heart bother toward them…

THAT KIND OF STUFF JUST HURTS AND ISNT NICE…don’t do that to people. ( God help me if I do that!!)

( I watched a video where a Pastor told his congregation that the new F – word at their church was FORGIVENESS. Then he told them to tell others F- you. I don’t think they will ever think of the world’s F-word the same ever again… and so in keeping with what this pastor said and what this person did to me I suppose I will just have to FORGIVE them. —hahahah you thought I was gonna say F-them …sounds a little strange to say that to me.) :0/

Mark 11:26

But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your trespasses.

ok…next Gritty!

You ever met a person with a personality that just rubs you wrong??

I know the Lord wants to grow me, in patience and tolerance. BUT SERIOUSLY!!!

I know this one is all me! —My attitude toward them.

I do my best to be kind.

I smile.

I wave.

but I also steer clear. 

( you ever do that?? –avoid people you know are going to drive you nuts?)

(this is sounding a bit like the situation above and now I am the offender..grrrrrrrrrrrr! Isn’t God good like that!!! perfect lesson from a perfect teacher. )

I know I haven’t given this person a dirty look though…yet :0/ and I don’t want to.

I want to be able to see them, hear them, be near them and not cringe in annoyance.

This is not a new lesson…

It is but a new person that God is bringing around me that has similar traits to others I have since been able to get a grip and learn to love. GOD HELP ME!!!

Consider it all joy,

                my brethren, when you 

 encounter various trials,

                             knowing that the testing of              

               faith produces    

    patient endurance.

                                    James 1:2-3


The Resistance Within

Thursday (Book I'm Reading) THOUGHTS

Reading: Days of Deepening Friendship by Vinita Hampton Wright 

Her site and to buy this book :
If we were designed for friendship with God, then why is it such a struggle to develop that friendship? …..We resist God. We avoid true contact with the Divine, and we do so for many reasons.
Chapter 16: What is holding you back?
Vinita delves into a DEEP WELL that we as humans would just soon rather cover over as if it is not there. SIN, WEAKNESS, SHORT COMINGS!! We don’t like to think about our Misbehavings….we like excuses!!!
People will always give reasons for their misbehaviors….We regularly do what we know we shouldnt do, we consistently do not live up to our own plans or proceed in the way we envision ourselves living and acting. We repeatedly set our feet upon a good path, only to resist our own steps and cause all sorts of messes. At the heart of our resistance is ego in its many forms.
OK!!! It is wild when God puts together many things for your learning and understanding. In another book I am reading it asked a question about CHOAS and the enjoyment one gets from it. A look from the ego’s view is what I took and I wrote a poem called EGO TRIP.  It is so true that the EGO gets in the way…and SELFISHNESS is the game.  Whether we want CONTROL, To be NEEDED, to be APPRECIATED, feel we are ENTITLED, have SIGNIFICANCE, what ever it is….WE  think that we ARE NUMBER ONE!!! and no one better say any different. Problem with that is we all are living our own lives and people aren’t going to GIVE IN TO YOU all the time so you can be HAPPY!! ~~MISS QUEEN BEE OF THE UNIVERSE!! ( that’s for me)
 The point is we have : This drive to be god rather than to BE in relationship with GOD is at the heart of all the sins we might care to name. The sad irony is this: all of our negative qualities arise out of our lack of relationship with God.
Being in contact with God will cause you to see the truth about ourselves…the stuff we tend to hide from…telling ourselves we are ALL GOOD on…Vinita called them POOR SUBSTITUTES!!
Lust developes when we are unable to engage joyfully in the physical, sensual life we already have. Envy appears when, rather than accept who we are, we try to be somebody else. Greed grows when we refuse to develop gratitude for what we have and the generosity to share it. Hatred grows when we don’t learn how to focus on life’s beauty and potential for goodness. For every negative trait that nurtured regularly, becomes a habit called sin, there is the trait we were meant to develop all along.
The traits that we are to nurture Vinita says are the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT (another one I wrote on this week  …WOW WOW God is sooo good at teaching if we just listen) on Monday Motto : BE NICE 
Are we willing to dig into those EGO places and see OUR ego actions…or are we MUCH better at seeing other Peoples EGO issues ….
This week I see Ego issue : CONTROL FREAK!! I am a fairly orderly person…DONT MESS WITH MY ORDER, TIMELINESS is a MUST and BTW Windows UP when on the highway….My mom is here to visit and being who she is….honesty in the kindest way comes out…here is some example:
We had the windows down and enjoying the air I go to get on the highway I roll them all up and she quickly gets her arm out of the window…getting off the highway I open all the windows…chuckling I say ” you like how I roll all the windows up when getting on the highway” she said NO…i liked my window down..Control Freak !! I had to laugh…but she was right…..NOT..yessheis…grrrrrrrrrrr!
I am MAD at the stupid drivers in the parking lot, highway, in town, out-of-town, all over town ….she says: STOP IT GEEZ I AM GOING TO STRAP A BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR ON YOU SO YOU CAN SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO YOURSELF…your so bothered by the little annoyances you can’t see the flowers blooming on the side of the road…KNoCK iT Off!!!!
So I have some LOVE, Kindness and SELF control to work on I think …it may just be the whole list!!!
Pray for me GOD is TALKING and I dont wanna lose this lesson!!! 
Thanks for listening

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