Live Ready….

Can I walk through the fire with my shattered and shard heart unchanged?

Can I walk among the saints of God and feel the heat they glow, that God fire within and be unmoved?

Can I do this and not be transformed?

The answer is NO!

If no change, then no fire has touched my heart.

I will remain cold hard glass. Blood cutting through and through.

The fire of God shall melt me. Turn me wholly into something else.

Melt my shard heart and blast this glass into molten lava.


Create in me a new heart fully alive to You.

I submit, I will not hide myself or shield me any longer.

I await Your fire God!

Make me stained glass. Blood stained with the blood of Christ.

Color me Your rainbow promise

a new day

a new view of me

of You

of others




Does your heart long for reassurance?

Where you know ( although you fear) that you are being held up by another.

Ever let yourself down?

The sorrow and sadness, guilt and berating we take from the inside……(should we really just take it because we think its US, in whom we trust, who is speaking?)

Where is the Peace that you seek?

Is it found in the deepest recesses of your heart behind the door, locked by a key, where the KING lives waiting for you to unlock the door. ( did you know that you have the key called Believe?)

I reach out, though I fear.

Almost not trusting that this person in front of me is being truly kind.

But because I need some strength…

 I will listen to their words.

Later, while reflecting on what was said to me

I hear these kind words and my self says “you really didn’t do that good of a job” and because I learned so very young that I had to rely on myself, I choose those hurtful words that tell me I am less than who I am.

This is what happens when we allow and think that what others think or say about us is somehow important.

Some long ago place, we may find that someone lied and so it carries over in present time and we stamp others as the same way.

There is but one



Turning the world upside down!!

Let GOD be the giver of your worth.

 Like a door that needs a key.

So a present must be unwrapped.

He gives HIMSELF to be our LIFE.


Will you take it?  —yes

Suddenly, a deep peace within that I did what I could and He did the rest.

My self no longer can say “see what these hands have done, or that they didn’t do it just right.”


Obedience is better than sacrifice.


I don’t burn out trying to do it all alone. I don’t sacrifice my voice for the clamor of the crowd. I don’t give up on who I am because someone seems to be burning brighter.

Instead I BLAZE on in GOD’s ways. He walks before me and I follow. Together we root out the darkness in my soul.

Where You go I go, what You say I say.


That self can say no more “this or that, go here, go there, run faster, faster!” 

It’s NOT my King, my foundation or LIFE that is sustaining me. HE IS!!!

My self is humbled in HIS presence and learns to lean on Him for strength, for breath, for grace.

I can go and love on people …they no longer hold me up.

My job is to POINT up and SHINE a light!

Thought :

When you know better, you do better.

A poem my daughter wrote:

God in My Heart

God is my rock

In my heart with a lock

God’s inside my soul

And I am on a roll