What is Courage?


Over at Ordinary Courage , Brene’ Brown writes about a friend and shame……


we talk about shame being a “full contact” emotion. Shame doesn’t just happen in our head or heart, we experience and hold it in our bodies. We always ask participants to identify where shame shows up for them. Liz shared, “In my feet because I use them to walk away from situations when I should stay.”

She took a photo of her feet and added the words :

Courage = stay + be vulnerable

It got me thinking ….

where do I hold my shame?


I shut my mouth when I need to speak my truth

I just don’t speak, I go silent in difficult situations

leaving myself and others wondering and lost.


…..this is the LIGHT in me that I hide

my truth..

my God unique view

I chomp down hiding behind

a gate called lips

a lock of hard teeth

and a leash of pressed tongue

clung to the roof of my mouth

in fear of the dreaded what if’s

what if I say too much

what if I say it wrong

what if I look stupid

what if I get it wrong

what If I make a fool of myself

what if …what if …what if

I forget to ask myself what if ….

I hide my light under a bushel and it burns out….

will I ever be free of fearful and speak in courage

YES … one light word at a time …

One prayerful begging heart bent low in humility


truth …exhale

LIGHT expressed…

or darkness confessed

either way I am better off then silent.


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