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Last week I added a link about this…. the before and after photo’s.


OK so I have studied personality type with my BFF for like 10 years now.

According to this Dressing YOUR Truth, there are 4 types.

Type 1 : Bright and Animated – to me this is —> A Sanguine

Type 2: Soft and Subtle – to me this is —-> A Phlegmatic

Type 3:  Rich and Dynamic – to me this is —–> A Choleric

Type 4: Bold and Striking – to me this is ——> A Melancholy

So if you know what personality type you are on another form like Sang, Phleg, Chol, Mel. Then you can pick up on some shopping tips! I did. :0)

Carol Tuttle does recommend getting her book : It’s just my Nature

3.  This Weeks FAVORITE WFW :

This is from Kids Turf  ….LOVE THIS IMAGRY.

4.  A Quote:

God is a fountain, a pump that keeps pumping, spilling, filling, the love that transcends the physical, that’s endless, eternal, that satisfies thirsts that have nothing to do with water.

~ Ann Voskamp

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5. Picture of the week:

1325900673534 (2)


Ok so I am a TYPE 4  and I have always been afraid of wearing Black and really Bold colors. I usually wear Type 2 colors

Remember this from last week:

1325369874189 (2)

Yes Yes I still look pretty. ..I hear ya! BUT I FEEL LIKE I AM SHINING and SHOWING UP in that EMERALD GREEN up there!!! lol

So I went out on a limb and gave it a whirl. I LOVE THEM!!! I felt very comfortable in the bold solid colors. I am making some changes. I even went shopping.Rolling on the floor laughing

6. Something Interesting:

BODY LANGUAGE ….. see that picture above …my hands are clasped behind my back …According to Dressing YOUR Truth your body reacts instinctively to the world and if you know what it is saying you can understand what is going on within on a very deep level that we often overlook.

do you know what that means?? I found this definition:

Gesture: Hands clasped behind back
Meaning: Anger, frustration, apprehension

un-sureness….NO WONDER!! -I like to be EXACT….. my body was saying something’s missing…THAT BOLDNESS that is in me, is hidden, I am more or less blending into the wall.

now go back and see that emerald green and black –my chins extension and tip up says CONFIDENCE.  I want to feel that way DAILY !!- making the changes.

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7. A song:

Saw this on BlackPurl’s blog

8. A PhotoQuote from BLACKPURL :

This is another WFW ….couldn’t pass it up ~so good

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10.  My BFF had this on her Pinterest :


I like it!! LETS DO THAT FOR 2012





We got caught out there on the yellow. We’ll just keep going. We’ve had a pretty good run and we have to be happy about that.
 Ryan Newman

Yellow…bright and cheery…positive and happy…a bit unrealistic

They are focused on the here and now.

They like to flit along in life enjoying what comes.

They have a consensus mentality, people and relationship before self.

They are very compassionate and empathetic.

They are supportive, dependable and loyal.

They can ignore their own needs for the needs of others.

Then tend to brush confrontational things  under the rug and say all is well.

They don’t like change and can be rather indecisive.

PS…When God made YELLOWS He made Caregivers, Inn Keepers, Hospice worker …PRAISE GOD!!!


If it is a big office and everybody gets a vase of red roses, but somebody gets a vase of hot pink and orange roses, it makes the other women green with envy. Flowers say a lot. They don’t last forever, but the excitement sticks with them.
 Lisa Dear quotes

Green…A bit rugged…not afraid to get dirty..kind of envious or jealous

They are tough as nails with high standards

They are detail oriented looking for the imperfections.

They like a slower-pace of life, enjoying the down time.

They are compassionate.

They are controlled and analytical.

They can be too picky about things.

They want it how they want it and if someones is better they want that too.

PS…When God made GREEN’s He made the Workers, The Gardeners, The Tree Guys….PRAISE GOD!!