Joyful Sound Off January Blessings


Thankful Thursday! THANKFULNESS …

I am learning this keeps it all in perspective.

Where did the God-Child reveal Himself but in the barn and this is the grace: Our God manifests Himself in our mangers and muck, our mundane and mess.

– Ann Voskamp

16. A smile that stole the moment – My husband -I need it.

17. Had 2 boxes of food given to us – thank you!!

18. Went shopping and found some deals on items that look AMAZING on me ( retail 60 bucks….my price SALE RACK 5.95 –SCORE!!!)

19. Windows down in the car….such a beautiful warm day.

20. Seeing the SUNRISE and MOON set at the same time

21. Warm blanket in my chair

I LIVE UNDER THIS BLANKET IN THE WINTER–thanks to my BFF who gave it to me one year!!

22. My daughter singing and praising , playing her piano



24. A thrift store find –BLACK JACKET

25. A good meal –my husband cooked

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Friday Facts

Copy of NEWPICS 362-5




Last week I added a link about this…. the before and after photo’s.


OK so I have studied personality type with my BFF for like 10 years now.

According to this Dressing YOUR Truth, there are 4 types.

Type 1 : Bright and Animated – to me this is —> A Sanguine

Type 2: Soft and Subtle – to me this is —-> A Phlegmatic

Type 3:  Rich and Dynamic – to me this is —–> A Choleric

Type 4: Bold and Striking – to me this is ——> A Melancholy

So if you know what personality type you are on another form like Sang, Phleg, Chol, Mel. Then you can pick up on some shopping tips! I did. :0)

Carol Tuttle does recommend getting her book : It’s just my Nature

3.  This Weeks FAVORITE WFW :

This is from Kids Turf  ….LOVE THIS IMAGRY.

4.  A Quote:

God is a fountain, a pump that keeps pumping, spilling, filling, the love that transcends the physical, that’s endless, eternal, that satisfies thirsts that have nothing to do with water.

~ Ann Voskamp

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5. Picture of the week:

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Ok so I am a TYPE 4  and I have always been afraid of wearing Black and really Bold colors. I usually wear Type 2 colors

Remember this from last week:

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Yes Yes I still look pretty. ..I hear ya! BUT I FEEL LIKE I AM SHINING and SHOWING UP in that EMERALD GREEN up there!!! lol

So I went out on a limb and gave it a whirl. I LOVE THEM!!! I felt very comfortable in the bold solid colors. I am making some changes. I even went shopping.Rolling on the floor laughing

6. Something Interesting:

BODY LANGUAGE ….. see that picture above …my hands are clasped behind my back …According to Dressing YOUR Truth your body reacts instinctively to the world and if you know what it is saying you can understand what is going on within on a very deep level that we often overlook.

do you know what that means?? I found this definition:

Gesture: Hands clasped behind back
Meaning: Anger, frustration, apprehension

un-sureness….NO WONDER!! -I like to be EXACT….. my body was saying something’s missing…THAT BOLDNESS that is in me, is hidden, I am more or less blending into the wall.

now go back and see that emerald green and black –my chins extension and tip up says CONFIDENCE.  I want to feel that way DAILY !!- making the changes.

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7. A song:

Saw this on BlackPurl’s blog

8. A PhotoQuote from BLACKPURL :

This is another WFW ….couldn’t pass it up ~so good

9. Ever do SWAGBUCKS:

…earn point -redeem for stuff – Click start

Search & Win


10.  My BFF had this on her Pinterest :


I like it!! LETS DO THAT FOR 2012



Friday Facts!!


It’s Friday Facts …woot!!

1.  Potty training a  “determined to be independent and do it myself child” makes for lots of wiping up of floor and toilet and wall. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! :0/

2. My church has officially changed its name. YEAH sooooooooo exciting!! We are now called:


3.  A poem

A crystal in the darkest cave

hidden beneath rocks away from the day

once lighted upon

shoots forth a reflection so bright

lighting the way

erasing the coldness of heart

flashing a beam that is like fire on the flesh

a mirror is how it seems

like looking into your own face

amplified by the refraction

causing a kind of jolt

that only the image holder knows

that is HIM in me

4. How aware are you about your surroundings, where you live, your state…??

The other day my friend was telling me that here in Iowa human trafficking happens. She told me a story about a girl we was taken to a rural farm-house and she was held there, locked in a basement for a long time. I was shocked. I was thinking, here in Iowa?? How can that be? That is like stuff that happens in Florida and California. The need for awareness and compassion is great. 

5.   Praise and Worship is a deep need within that my spirit is………. CRYING OUT for!!

6.  A quote:

Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow.

– Helen Keller

7. A song  :0)

8. My friends daughter has a bird with a broken leg. She set out to bathe the bird because the poor thing had feces on the back-end. While washing the bird, she mentioned to her mother that the chickens, that they use to have, would peck that stuff off of each other, helping each other be clean. Is that not why we have friends in this life to help us?  They see the back side. :0) figuratively. They see all the junk that we don’t see because its been there for so long. Maybe we grew up in a mess and think its normal. Maybe we got broken and need someone to come along and help us wash that crud off. The sad part is that sometimes when a friend comes along ( pecking at our backside) showing us our baggage and garbage stuck to our behinds, we turn around and growl, screech and hiss. KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY POO POO!!! lol  Lord help us to be teachable enough to allow those who are closest to us to pick that junk off and help us to be free and clean.

9. For you IOWA LADIES !! Have you ever heard of RISE AND SHINE RETREAT…if not look on my side bar and click it…check it out!!!

10.  :0) Smile because someone is watching you to see if you have JOY!!!

Have a great Friday!!