The Savior – yes, the Messiah, the Lord – has been born today!

Luke 2:11

I light the final Advent candle


ADVENT – The Child has COME

Born in a manger

wrapped in swaddling clothes


our Immanuel


the LIGHT of the world

This day, this night, the Light comes, and whose heart isn’t kindled by this Love that’s a wildfire? The shepherds got angels, were lit by the angels. Everyone else that night got shepherds who went and told everyone. When your heart burns, you’re a flaming match for other hearts. When you’re a manger tramp who came with nothing but your ragged heart and leaned in close over that creche, when you’ve beheld His glory, the while hear of a Love like this- who doesn’t tramp out of the manger and into the world with a heart glowing like hot embers in your chest? …A heart like this could catch the world on fire. Christ came into the world for you – and you came into the world for Him.

Ann Voskamp

Take a moment and thank Him for his coming…His love….

Praise Him for His goodness

for His silent night arrival





Advent…God in the manger

She..laid him in a manger, because there was no lodging available for them.

Luke 2:7

This God

came bare and naked

birthed into empty hands that He made

for He came to save us

brought in vulnerability

no throes of power

no forces of defeat

He was the power and He would defeat

but first He came quietly into our midst

ADVENT – a KING quietly born for the paupers

Ann Asks and will you join in answering

What do you need to lay down so your hands will be open to receive God’s gift?

How does it change Christmas for you to know that Jesus did it for love?

Take a moment to kneel close at the manger, thanking God for His abundance.


I lay down my worry and need to fix it

The swirling what if’s and the joyless analysis

I let go and hold on to God

Christmas meaning shifts when you know and focus on how this Babe King came because of LOVE

all for LOVE… and me


I kneel at the manger and worship you God for coming in little form to save us

for placing the greatness of YOU in the tiniest of packages

the way we come to the earth

thank you for loving us that much

thank you for this BLESSED ABUNDANT Grace….called JESUS



Advent…God with us

She will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel, which means “God with us.”
Matt. 1:23

He came

small and fragile

just how we are all of our days

to love us and meet us where we are

to be with us….

what amazing little words

ADVENT -God with us!

Ann asks and will you join in answering

How does your perspective change on the hurry and the worry when you remember that God is with you?

What does it mean to you that God came in the form of an infant, with human skin?

What around you is broken and in need of saving? Ask God to restore and redeem any broken relationships and the broken places in your heart.


Remembering ….awakening

HE is here

He is near

God is with me

I slow and I change focus

I see and I thank

I go and I enjoy

and I am at peace

He came infant size

amazing that is

I have had two children

and to think this WHOLE of GOD came in such tiny package



LOVE came down

to enter into this worldly place

and redeem and renew

and remind of such great love

Has the FATHER for us

A picture of father/son relationship

that more of that kind

I beg pour on us here in our little home

in the middle of all this cold snow

warmth burning from the inside

Heal me in the places that I am broken

Fill me with Your unfailing Love

I wont be the same when You’ve spoke

Fill my life O Lord

restore my soul and spirit




Advent…Be a dwelling space for God

Greetings, favored woman! The Lord is with you!

Luke 1:28

she was told her promise

She was willing to accept it …this Mary mother of God

She asked How? and was given an answer

As my Pastor Spoke last week

..what was remarkable was that she didn’t ask why…

she didn’t think to disqualify herself when she was chosen

she chose to believe

When we are called how often do we say why instead of how

I said why when I was asked to take over the youth group

why me ? what makes you think I am the one?

give me proof of my worthiness

give me a reason to believe

I was a doubter…. and it has taken me a year leading the youth to decide to say HOW instead

ADVENT – the coming One comes to make you a place for Him to work through…can you believe?

Lighting One candle every Sunday and one on the day of His birth.

HIS COMING INTO MY WORLD …I light my 4th candle


Seeing this Jesus who came to give

Understanding that I can only receive

all in this life is but a gift from Him

I cant work for it, perform for it, perfect myself to get it

I can only open my hands and thank for it

Ann asks and will you join in answering

Who is one person you need to make space for today-someone who has been crowded out by the busyness of the season?

What do you need to surrender to to make space for Christ, to be a womb for Him?

Spend some time with God, asking Him to fill you with His all-consuming grace.


This little boy

who begs for attention at every turn

I let go to see him today

I surrender my way

my doings

my goings

and let him enter into all today

Lord be a pitcher of grace water for me to drink today

fill all the empty places with You

consume me and my my my my’s with

grace to give and let go